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Corporate Responsibility at Siteimprove

Posted by Camilla Simonsen

4/25/12 11:21 AM

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At Siteimprove we work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an essential part of the growth we experience in our three main markets in the UK, USA and in Denmark. A lot of initiatives have already been introduced, for instance we work hard to contribute to a higher degree of Web Accessibility on public and private websites. We wish to minimize our carbon footprint and offer our employees a sound and exciting working environment, in order to encourage employees to create new and even better Web Governance solutions for our customers.

It's somewhat atypical for a software company like Siteimprove to be working with Corporate Social Responsibility. Our production isn't environmentally damaging and we don't have production or activities in Third World countries, however we do believe that all businesses, regardless of size, should contribute to the global environmental and social challenges. That being said it's also very important that our customers and partners know that we "behave properly."

The last two years have been momentous to the company. The turnover has increased by 75%, the Siteimprove family has grown by 35 new employees and we're moving into three new markets in Canada, Sweden and Germany. This means that things are moving really fast in our three offices in Copenhagen, London and Minneapolis, which is exactly why it's important to ensure not only economical growth but also responsible growth.

To demonstrate how serious we are on this matter, we joined the UN initiative Global Compact in 2010, and thereby commit ourselves to publish a yearly report (Communication on Progress) that gives an insight to the responsible initiatives we have worked with through the past year.

The 3 main areas we work with within CSR: Human Rights, Labor, and Environment. A few of the main areas we have chosen to focus on are:

Human Rights

Contributing to a higher degree of Web Accessibility and thereby show regard to all types of Internet users in digitization.

  • Free consultancy on Web Accessibility through blog posts, seminars and webinars.
  • Pro Bono collaboration with an NGO to increase and disseminate knowledge about Web Accessibility. (Later we will give more details about the collaboration, which is still in its initial phase.)
  • Optimization of the 'Siteimprove Accessibility' service, which makes it easier for webmaster on all levels to offer users accessible websites that meet international standards for accessibility (WCAG 2.0).
  • Climate & Environment: To reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Siteimprove have signed a climate partnership agreement with DONG Energy, (the leading energy company in Denmark) which means that we have identified our energy consumption and saving potential and continuously work in a number of areas in order to ensure that Siteimprove becomes a more sustainable company.


To ensure happy employees who offer customers excellent products and great service
  • The sharp minds of the Siteimprove employees is our core business, as all our 'production' takes place in the brains of our employees. 
  • A prerequisite for being able to offer customers excellent products and great service is that we can attract and retain qualified employees by offering a sound working environment.


Do you want to know more or let us know what you think?

CSR is still a new world to us. In 2011 we published the first Siteimprove Responsibility Report, which gives you an insight into what we do. We welcome any feedback and ideas on how to strengthen our corporate social responsibility in the future - the second Responsibility Report is just around the corner.

Please feel free to email interesting ideas directly to the CSR manager Camilla Simonsen at


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